8M Castelló

International Women’s Day, we unite because together we are stronger and we can achieve great changes in society. With this campaign we want to promote sisterhood among women and collaboration in the fight for our rights, leave differences behind and work together in the same direction.

The choice of the colors violet and orange to represent us in the fight for gender equality is no coincidence. These tones, which at first glance seem so different, actually complement and enhance each other. Violet is a cold color that symbolizes struggle and resistance. It is the color that has historically represented the feminist movement and has been used in various protests and demonstrations throughout history. On the other hand, orange is a warm color that represents energy and vitality. It is a color that transmits joy and hope, and that invites us to look towards the future with optimism.

Let’s take to the streets with strength, with courage and with the conviction that together we can change the world. There is nothing more powerful than the union of women.

Client: Castellón City Council
Motion graphic: María Gil